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3 Ways Invisalign Will Change Your Life

The notion that the Invisalign treatment necessitates too many lifestyle changes in the life of the user is a misleading one and should not stop you from getting your teeth straightened and your smile fixed. Well, you can’t say that the treatment doesn’t have any demands at all, but among the known treatments for malocclusion, it is arguably the easiest to adjust to. More to the point, most changes are in the interests of your health, although they may not jibe with your lifestyle choices. Here are three ways Invisalign will change your life during the treatment period:

#1. Drinking and smoking

You may have to cut back on your alcohol intake to avoid exposing your teeth and gums to sugar that may be retained in the trays. Smoking is mostly discouraged as it can discolor the clear aligners nullifying the quality you probably bought them for in the first place.

#2. Your oral hygiene routine

Oral hygiene is important when using Invisalign aligners. Food particles may accumulate in the trays over time exposing your teeth and gums to bacteria and infections. But then again, brushing frequently may take too much of the little 2-hour break you have every day, disrupting and potentially lengthening the treatment period. The best way to be time-effective while maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is to brush your teeth immediately after you eat. This way, the only time you will have to remove the aligners is during meals.

#3. Your mealtime schedule

The fact that you cannot eat while wearing Invisalign aligners and that you can only remove them for at most two hours a day means you may have to adjust your mealtime schedule during the treatment period. Basically, you have to fit all three meals and snack breaks into the two-hour window. Brackets Smiles and Wires is a dental clinic in Escondido that offers all forms of malocclusion treatments, including traditional braces and Invisalign. Call us at 760-407-0104 today or schedule your consultation through an online form to start your Invisalign treatment.