Is Invisalign Teen the Same as Invisalign? | Vista CA

Invisalign Teen is a fantastic alternative to traditional braces for teens with minimal correction needs.  With these specifically designed aligners, teens can straighten their teeth with confidence since the aligners are mostly unnoticeable to others. How is Invisalign Teen Different? Invisalign teen is a bit different from the standard Invisalign system for adults. Parents are […]

I am a professional busy person and I don’t have time for braces, what are my other options?

Well, we have solutions for you that can help busy people like yourself, like Invisalign clear aligners. We have lots of patients who would rather go to a meeting instead of the orthodontic office. We get it! With Invisalign you can get scanned and get started the same day. Your aligners will arrive very soon […]

3 Ways Invisalign Will Change Your Life

The notion that the Invisalign treatment necessitates too many lifestyle changes in the life of the user is a misleading one and should not stop you from getting your teeth straightened and your smile fixed. Well, you can’t say that the treatment doesn’t have any demands at all, but among the known treatments for malocclusion, […]

5 Reasons why Invisalign aligners are considered a better orthodontic treatment

If you desire straighter teeth but do not fancy the idea of wearing metal braces, Invisalign could be the solution you’re looking for. The treatment works just as well as the tried-and-tested traditional braces but in a more sufferable modus operandi. Here are five reasons why Invisalign aligners are considered a better treatment for malocclusion […]

What factors qualify you to use Invisalign treatment?

You need to have fully developed adult teeth to qualify for Invisalign aligners. You orthodontist will also perform a series of checks on you to ensure you don’t have any symptoms that may inhibit a safe treatment. Behind the scenes Here is a rundown of everything the Invisalign procedure entails: Impressions of your mouth are […]