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What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Do you ever wonder why you’re the only one in class with braces? Are you an adult whose teeth have gotten crooked again even after years of wearing orthodontic appliances? Does your child’s smile make you worry that they will need braces soon? Like many others, you wonder what causes teeth to go out of […]

Are You Too Old For Braces?

It’s a common misconception that braces are a rite of passage for teenagers. In fact, it’s also a myth that you can’t straighten your teeth after reaching adulthood. Dr. Farooq Ahmad welcomes patients of all ages into his practice at Brackets Wires & Smiles. What about you? Could your smile still benefit from orthodontic treatment […]

5 Signs You Probably Need Braces

Aside from the obvious fact that your teeth might look crooked, there are other signs that could mean you need braces. Brackets Wires & Smiles orthodontic specialists advise you to look out for these signals: 1. You Can’t Bite Evenly Into A Sandwich Bite alignment issues often manifest themselves in how your teeth fit together when […]

Can I Afford Braces?

One of the barriers to treatment with braces is the presumed cost. But if you’re thinking about getting orthodontia, it’s important to focus not only on price point, but on overall value as well. Plus, it may be easier than you realize to foot the bill for braces. After all, they aren’t just for kids […]

What Are Baby Teeth Good For?

Brackets Wires & Smiles loves kids! We love baby teeth almost as much. Also known as “primary teeth,” your child’s first set of pearly whites are more important than you might have realized. The First Teeth: Vital to the First Years Teeth are very important to our appearance. Even very young children can be negatively […]