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cost of orthodontics

Cost of Orthodontics in Vista CA

Visiting an orthodontist at an early age helps determine their need for orthodontic intervention early.  For many parents, the cost of orthodontics keeps them from scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist.  This reason is why many orthodontists offer treatment payment options to help reduce the financial expense and ensure patients get the best dental care possible. At Bracket Wires and Smiles, we understand that offering affordable orthodontic treatment options is important to our patients in Vista, Ca.  It is our desire to help patients best understand their payment options for treatment.

 Cost of Orthodontics Payment Options

Cost should not have to dictate whether or not you can have a straighter and more confident smile.  Our orthodontist in Vista CA offers a variety of payment options to meet your needs, including:
  1. If you have orthodontic insurance we can use those benefits to help pay part of the treatment.
  2. If you have HSA/FSA from your work we can use that amount towards your orthodontic treatment.
  3. We offer long term financing through care credit or lending point, you will not down payment but you will make monthly payments to them directly.
  4. We also offer in-office financing at 0% with affordable down payment and monthly payments.
  5. You can also pay full upfront with a discount. We offer a complimentary same-day orthodontic consultation.
If you would like to start your orthodontic treatment or have questions, please call our dental office to schedule a free consultation today.  We look forward to helping you achieve your best smile!