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invisalign in vista

What to Expect with Invisalign in Vista CA

Your smile goal is a priority and your orthodontist can provide you with a variety of tools to choose from in crafting the smile of your dreams.  One popular treatment is Invisalign in Vista CA.  Invisalign can successfully straighten your smile with minimal intrusion into your daily life.

Choosing Invisalign

Naturally, most patients do not want their orthodontic appliances to be too visible. Braces can make someone look a little too young, making it hard for others to take them seriously. Invisalign in Vista CA provides a streamlined and subtle effect everyone wants. With a clear and removable retainer, you get the benefits of braces without the cumbersome look and feel.

Invisalign tends to work well with busy adult schedules. Your maintenance appointments with your dentist are shorter than if you had regular braces. There’s less fuss over what you can and cannot eat because you get to take the aligner trays out when you eat. This makes Invisalign a convenient and comfortable system.

Advantages of Invisalign in Vista CA

Straightening your teeth is a matter that goes well beyond aesthetics. By bringing your teeth into proper alignment you could:

  • Improve your oral hygiene
  • Reduce your chances of getting gum disease and cavities
  • Keep your teeth brighter
  • Take the unnecessary stress off your TMJ
  • Improve the way you speak

In addition to these great benefits, you get the ease and elegance of a removable retainer that’s easy to care for.

Schedule Your Invisalign Visit

Although most people love the idea of straightening their teeth with “invisible braces,” Invisalign isn’t right for every case. We’re happy to offer this method, but we also want to see you get the results you need. Some cases of misaligned teeth are just too severe for a retainer tray to correct.

If you end up needing more help than Invisalign can offer, your orthodontist in Vista will help you discover the method that works for you. Schedule your consultation today.