Kids Need Braces

Why Do Some Kids Need Braces But Others Don’t?

  Why Do Some Kids Need Braces But Others Don’t? It might not seem fair that some kids get all the luck. Why is it that some seem blessed with perfectly straight smiles while others have all the “fun” of getting braces? Crooked teeth can be a major problem for kids, putting them at greater risk for bullying and self-esteem issues. Your child’s health and happiness really do depend on having a bright smile! We are passionate about helping kids and adults alike achieve a smile that they can be proud of. One of those ways is by helping you understand what early factors could cause crooked teeth.

Harmful Oral Habits

Thumb-sucking is a well-known cause of crooked teeth. This habit can gradually push the front teeth outwards and actually increase spacing between other teeth. Poor mouth positioning can also affect the way the bone develops and the way teeth erupt. Habits such as mouth breathing, or hanging the mouth open, can also interfere with healthy smile growth.

Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Baby teeth are important! They serve as placeholders for the adult teeth as the jaw grows. If these teeth are lost prematurely to tooth decay, then adult teeth are likely to come in crooked. Kids with a history of cavities probably have braces in their future!


Most of the time, you can blame crooked teeth on good old DNA. If the parents had braces, there’s a good chance their kids will, too. Believe it or not, a lot of mouths end up being too small for the normal amount of teeth! With early treatment, this spacing problem can be treated easily. The only way to know for sure whether or not your child will need braces is to bring them in for a consultation. Dr. Farooq Ahmad will be able to let you know what sort of treatment will be most effective and when to start it. Braces may not sound like fun right now, but they can make a big difference in you or your child’s future! Get started by giving our office a call today to schedule your first visit with us.