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Mouth Guards & Splints in Vista CA

About 50% of the population could benefit from some form of orthodontic appliance. These devices are used to not only correct crooked teeth and bite problems, but also protect your smile from injury or trauma. Mouthguards and splints fall in the latter category. They are usually recommended for people who are involved in athletic activities, grind their teeth at night, or suffer from TMJ disorders.  Some of the different types of mouthguards that we offer include: Athletic Guards An athletic guard helps prevent broken teeth, appliances, and lip lacerations. Choose from a variety of team or custom sport design options to protect your smile during the next game or practice. Guards for Bruxism/Grinding Chronic clenching and grinding can cause your teeth and other dental restorations to wear down or break. A custom guard can protect your smile from premature wear. TMJ Bite Splints If you suffer from TMJ – temporomandibular jaw – disorder, chronic headaches, or wake up with pain through your face, head and neck, then your orthodontist may recommend a suitable appliance to help provide relief. An NTI appliance is a small, custom-fit splint that moves your TMJ into a resting position, preventing excessive muscle tension. The bite splint can be combined with orthodontic therapy to correct your misaligned bite – which may be the root of your TMJ disorder. Why use a Custom-Fit Guard? A custom made mouthguard that can protect your teeth from injuries, prevent damage to your orthodontic appliances, and even reduce your risk of concussion during athletic injuries. Over the counter mouthpieces may be inexpensive, but they generally do not provide the same level of protection that a custom-fit appliance can – especially when you’re wearing braces. A custom made mouth guard can protect your teeth from injuries, damage to your orthodontic appliances, and even reduce your risk of concussion during athletic injuries. All we need to get started is a quick impression of your teeth.  Ask your dentist in Vista CA about a custom guard during your consultation or follow-up.