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Why Choose Orthodontic Treatment? | Vista CA

Orthodontic treatment delivers the convenience and affordability that our patients expect. By visiting your orthodontist, you will not only discover how you can enhance your smile’s appearance but also your overall oral health.  There are several advantages to orthodontic treatment, including: Health The first of the many benefits of orthodontic treatment is dental hygiene: dental braces help reduce […]

Why Do Some Kids Need Braces But Others Don’t?

  Why Do Some Kids Need Braces But Others Don’t? It might not seem fair that some kids get all the luck. Why is it that some seem blessed with perfectly straight smiles while others have all the “fun” of getting braces? Crooked teeth can be a major problem for kids, putting them at greater […]

4 Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontics

As a busy adult, you might wish you could have straighter teeth without taking out the time for orthodontic treatment. In reality, a straighter smile could be just a few months away with accelerated orthodontics! We offer a variety of fast races options. Why should you consider giving accelerated ortho a try? Check out these […]

Accelerated Orthodontics, How Does It Work?

Achieve your dream smile by visiting our offices for high quality accelerated orthodontics in Vista today. With advances in orthodontics, you can get a perfect smile in just a few months when you consider accelerated orthodontics.  Contact Brackets, Wires & Smiles, one of the leading orthodontic specialists in Vista to schedule your consultation today. What […]