accelerated orthodontics

Accelerated Orthodontics in Vista CA

Everyone wants to have a great and charming smile. Most people also know that orthodontic care is effective in correcting dental issues and giving them the type of smiles they desire. The major concern, most times, is how long orthodontic treatment can last. 

Accelerated orthodontics takes care of orthodontic issues and also removes the “time” challenge. It promises better orthodontics that can be achieved at shorter treatment times, without compromise to periodontal and dental health. 

What is Accelerated Orthodontics and How Does It Work? 

Accelerated orthodontics is a combination of advanced orthodontics and periodontal oral surgery routinely used in dentistry for other objectives. It is a form of dental hack that lets an orthodontist reduce normal treatment times. 

The periodontal oral surgery that is combined with advanced orthodontics works by activating the bone that surrounds the teeth. It stimulates and softens the bone, allowing the teeth to be aligned to move at an accelerated rate. At the same time, the treatment will add new bone to create a better foundation for the teeth and promote dental health. 

How Long Does Accelerated Orthodontics Last? 

Accelerated orthodontics significantly reduces the time it will take to achieve a certain orthodontic goal. While traditional braces can take between 2 and 3 years to achieve a significant result, accelerated orthodontic treatment will take between 6 months to 1 year to achieve the same result. 

What Are the Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontics? 

Accelerated orthodontics offers several benefits, including: 

  • Big result in less time 
  • Stronger jawbone 
  • Improved periodontal and dental health. 

Is Accelerated Orthodontics the Right Treatment Option for You? 

Accelerated orthodontic offers many benefits and no meaningful demerit. If you can afford it, it is an excellent way to fix alignment issues. It can be the right treatment for you if you need orthodontic therapy. 

Get the Right Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment 

Do you feel you are a good candidate for accelerated orthodontics? Brackets Wires and Smiles offers the right treatment for you. Dr. Ahmed Farooq and his team will make the experience great for you. Contact us to book an appointment.