Dental Braces in Vista

Dental Braces in Vista

Dental braces in San Marcos are arguably the most popular treatment for common dental issues such as gaps, crowded teeth, bad bites and crooked teeth. They are virtually side-effect free and can be recommended for anyone with teeth and jaw alignment problems.

When Should I wear Dental Braces?

While dental braces in San Marcos can be worn by anyone of any age, tweens are considered the best candidates for this treatment as at their age, the head, mouth and jaws are still developing, and teeth are conducive for realignment. Basically, age is a factor when it comes to period of treatment.

What types of Dental braces are best for me?

Your orthodontist or dentist may recommend any of these type of braces for your problem:

  • Ceramics – Have ceramic brackets that are usually designed to take the color of teeth.
  • Traditional braces – These have stainless steel brackets that are held to each other using tiny archwires and to teeth using adhesive cement.
  • Self-ligating braces – Damon braces use a sliding mechanism that causes them to move with the teeth into their new position as they realign.
  • Invisalign – The discreet nature and removability of Invisalign aligners has made them a popular modern solution to occlusion.

How long do I need to wear braces?

Period of treatment can be between 12 months and two years depending on such factors as age and problem severity. The type of braces your dentist recommends for you may also determine how long you’re going to have them on. Invisalign aligners, for instance, can take up to four months lesser than traditional braces and ceramics to produce results. Damon braces may also prove to be a quicker treatment if applied on the right problem. Brackets Wires and Smiles provides braces and a range of other corrective treatments for crowded teeth, bad bites and related dental problems. Call 760-407-0104 now to schedule an appointment with one of the best Dentist in San Marcos.