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Patient Testimonials

Choosing an orthodontic office doesn’t have to be hard!  Find out, in their own words, why so many of our patients and their families trust Brackets Wires and Smiles for quality orthodontic dental care.  We love giving you a smile to smile about!

“I actually liked smiling!”

“So my first time when I came, I was scared. What I expected was to just have my braces on already, the first day I came in. I didn’t know it was a long process. But right when I came through the door I felt welcome and I was actually excited to put them on and be with them for three years. They explained everything that was going to happen for my three years having braces. Every employee in this office were the most generous people. They always asked me how I was doing and wondering what were my plans. We kept a conversation and it was nice. They were so gentle with my teeth and they were careful and I liked that because it never hurt or anything. I appreciate every person in this room, especially the doctors, the employees, everyone. And the doctor, he’s really funny. He always made me smile and I felt great about my braces. I wasn’t insecure or anything. I was actually…I actually liked smiling! The office, throughout the year, it changed and it’s really beautiful now. It’s a new look and I like it. It’s really pretty. Now this is what you call a professional business.”