4 things Parents Need to Know About Invisalign Teen | Vista CA

Looking into orthodontic solutions for your teen? Hesitate between traditional braces or invisalign teen?

Here is 4 things you need to know about Invisalign Teen that may help you make the right decision.

1. Invisalign Teen? What is it?

Invisalign Teen are designed to straighten your teen’s teeth as good as traditional Braces would but without the visual hassle that comes with it. Being virtually invisible, Insivalign Teen will help your teen feel comfortable wearing them and boost their self-confidence. Plus, unlike Dental Braces, Invisalign Teen are removable aligners that are custom-made to your teen’s teeth. So your teen just wear the aligners until they get another set of new adapted Invisalign to help with the teeth alignment every two weeks. Progressively, your teen’s teeth gradually shift into the right place making that beautiful smile.

2. Invisalign Teen as Effective as Conventional Braces?

The answer is Yes. When following the experienced recommendations of Brackets, Wires and Smiles, Invisalign Teen may work as good as conventional braces for the most common situations. Invisalign can treat as good as conventional braces different issues related teeth-straightening cases, such as underbite, overbite and gaps between teeth.

3. What are some of the practical advantages of Invisalign Teen?

The fact that aligners are removable, it makes the straightening process easier for your teen daily activities. Playing sports without the risk of being hit in the mouth by a ball, which could result with real damage in braces. Playing musical instruments properly, without braces getting in the way. Also usually with traditional braces, your teen get a list of restricted foods to avoid eating as to not damage the brackets. With Invisalign, these restrictions do not apply. Your teen can just remove the aligners whenever it’s time to eat, properly brush the teeth and other daily necessary activities.

4. How long is the treatment with Invisalign Teen?

The treatment time when choosing Invisalign Teen over traditional braces does not change. Brackets, Wire and Smiles will help you determine the length of the treatment according to the severity of your teen’s teeth.

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