I am a professional busy person and I don’t have time for braces, what are my other options?

Well, we have solutions for you that can help busy people like yourself, like Invisalign clear aligners. We have lots of patients
who would rather go to a meeting instead of the orthodontic office. We get it! With Invisalign you can get scanned and
get started the same day. Your aligners will arrive very soon after and you will be on your way to a great smile
while attending all those meetings. You won’t have to stop by every month to get your wires tightened or come in
for broken brackets or poking wires. Nope none of that. Just pop that aligners in and switch them out every week,
we will see you back about every 3 months and check up on the progress and make sure you are on track and
send you out on your way. We at brackets wires and smiles offer a complimentary orthodontic consultation and
offer the same price as braces for Invisalign. You decide. Call us if we can help.