Is Invisalign Teen the Same as Invisalign? | Vista CA

Invisalign Teen is a fantastic alternative to traditional braces for teens with minimal correction needs.  With these specifically designed aligners, teens can straighten their teeth with confidence since the aligners are mostly unnoticeable to others.

How is Invisalign Teen Different?

Invisalign teen is a bit different from the standard Invisalign system for adults. Parents are concerned that their teens may not wear their aligners for the required duration of time (about 22 hours per day), which may make the treatment less effective, cause it to extend longer than it should, and ultimately cost more. As such, the upper aligners used for the Invisalign Teen system are usually fitted with colored compliance indicators that help to estimate the approximate amount of time your teen spends wearing the aligners. The colored indicators are supposed to fade over time with appropriate wear.

Another advantage of Invisalign Teen is that the treatment comes with about six individual replacement aligners at no extra cost, so teens can continue their treatment with minimal setbacks in the unfortunate event that they lose their aligners. It’s important to inform your dentist as soon as possible about such problems for proper guidance. Your teen may be advised to wear the previous set of aligners while a new set is ordered, or instructed to move onto the next set immediately. Invisalign Teen is also designed to accommodate the growth and development of teeth both below and above the gum line. The aligners come with a unique feature that allows them to evolve as new teeth (molars) erupt, and even help to guide the roots and align the new teeth so they grow in the right position.

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