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Mouth Guards and Splints in Vista CA

Mouth guards and bite splints are dental appliances that can protect the teeth. They are made and recommended by dentist for different reasons. While people in some active sports need mouth guards to protect their teeth from forceful contact or blows, individuals who suffer temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) need splints for treatment. They are also effective in protecting the teeth from grinding together. 

What Is A Mouth Guard? 

A mouth guard is an appliance that covers the wearer’s teeth and gums to prevent lips, gums, and teeth injury. It is mostly used in physical sports like boxing, kickboxing, and ice hockey, to name a few. It can absorb shocks from blows and falls, protecting the wearer’s teeth and gums from forceful impacts. 

What Is A Dental Splint? 

A dental splint is an appliance that is mostly worn at night to protect the wearer’s teeth from grinding when he/she is asleep. Also referred to as occlusal splint, night guard, or bite guard, these special guards are worn at night when the user wants to go to bed. It is ideally used by people who suffer bruxism, a sleep disorder that makes people unconsciously grind or clench their teeth when they sleep. 

Who Needs A Mouth Guard Or Dental Splint? 

Mouth guards and splints are for individuals who either engage in contact sports and activities that expose their teeth to the danger of forceful impact or individuals whose nighttime habits has the potential of ruining their teeth. 

If you are a boxer or mixed martial artist, for instance, a mouth guide is considered a critical part of your gear. If you suffer bruxism, then you need a dental splint to protect your teeth while you sleep. Mouth guards and splints are also used in the treatment of temporomandibular dysfunction. 

Who Designs Mouth Guards and Splints? 

Though there are stock mouth guards you can buy in sporting goods stores, the right ones for maximum protection are designed by dentists. For dental splints, they are recommended and designed by dentists. Custom-made mouth guards and splints from dentists offer maximum protection. 

Get the Right Mouth Guards and Splints 

Do you need an effective custom-made mouth guard or splint? Contact us at Bracket Wires and Smiles. Your experienced dentist, Dr. Ahmed Farooq, will observe you and recommend the right mouth guard, splint, or other treatment option for you.