How Do I Pay for Orthodontic Treatment? | Vista CA

At Bracket Wires and Smiles, we understand that offering affordable orthodontic treatment options is important to our patients in Vista, Ca.  It is our desire to help patients best understand their payment options for treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment Payment Options

Brackets Wires and Smiles orthodontics we offer several ways to get started with your smile journey.

  1. If you have orthodontic insurance we can use those benefits to help pay part of
    the treatment.
  2. If you have HSA/FSA from your work we can use that amount towards your orthodontic
  3. We offer long term financing through care credit or lending point, you will not down payment but you
    will make monthly payments to them directly.
  4. We also offer in-office financing at 0% with affordable down
    payment and monthly payments.
  5. You can also pay full up front with a discount. We offer a complimentary same-day orthodontic consultation.

If you would like to start your orthodontic treatment or have questions, please call us today.