3 Common Questions About Dental Braces

dental braces

Dental braces make for the surest and most recommendable treatment for common cosmetic problems such as crowded teeth, bad bites, gaps and crooked teeth. They have little to no side effects and can be recommended for anyone with mild to severe teeth alignment problems.

1. When should I wear braces?

Braces can be worn by kids and adults alike. However, tweens are considered the best candidates for the treatment as at their age, the mouth, jaws and head are still growing and teeth are conducive for straightening. Basically, age is a factor when it comes to how long you have to wear braces to see results.

2. What type of braces are best for me?

Your problem, lifestyle and budget will determine what your orthodontist recommends for you. Here are some of the most common varieties of dental braces available for you:

  • Traditional braces – These have stainless steel brackets that are connected to teeth using adhesive cement and to each other using a tiny arch wire.
  • Self-ligating/Damon braces – Self-ligating braces are worn the same was as traditional braces only that these sport a sliding mechanism to keep the brackets moving with your teeth as they realign.
  • Ceramic braces – These are made mostly of clear ceramic material, which makes them less conspicuous than traditional and Damon brace.
  • Invisalign – Custom made for your particular alignment of teeth, Invisalign aligners are taking over as the modern treatment for occlusion thanks to their unmatched discreetness and ease of use.

3. How long do I need to wear braces?

Depending on your particular problem and such factors as age, the period of treatment for braces can be between 12 months and two years. The type of braces your orthodontist recommends for you may also dictate how long you will have to wear them.

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