The Benefits of Clear Braces

clear braces in escondido

More and more people are using clear braces to care for the oral health. Here are the benefits of clear braces.

Clear braces in Escondido are esthetically better than traditional metal braces because they are clear. Adults are now able to enhance the function of their smile without the stigma of traditional braces…

Clear braces in Escondido help you to gain confidence from teeth that look better as well as improving your overall oral health. This is because straighter teeth are healthier and less prone to plaque acid accumulation that contributes to tooth decay and gum disease.

Teeth that are aligned properly,  reduce the risks of periodontal disease because the gums fit the teeth more firmly when the teeth do not overlap.

Using clear braces to align teeth can help in decreasing the traumatic wear that result from teeth that do fit together properly. This prevents cases of chipped, broken or tuned teeth, saving you from having to invest in expensive teeth restoration procedures or cosmetic dentistry.

Another benefit of using clear braces to align your teeth is that once your teeth are properly aligned, the stress exerted on the jaw due to overcrowded, chipped or misaligned teeth is reduced significantly.

Brackets, Wires, and Smiles- Clear Braces

Our ultimate goal for your dental care is to provide you with quality care that extends beyond just a pretty smile. We provide clear braces that give you the opportunity to straighten your teeth while raising your confidence level in daily life.

We give you a reason to smile

Keep your teeth straight with the exciting invincible clear braces at Brackets, Wires and Smiles Escondido, CA.  Visit us for your preferred clear braces treatment in Escondido, CA.

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