5 Signs You Probably Need Braces

 Aside from the obvious fact that your teeth might look crooked, there are other signs that could mean you need braces. Brackets Wires & Smiles orthodontic specialists advise you to look out for these signals:

1. You Can’t Bite Evenly Into A Sandwich

Bite alignment issues often manifest themselves in how your teeth fit together when you chew. Do you find that you have to tear into pizza, tacos, and apples using just one side of your mouth? Is it hard to rip off a clean bite from your sandwiches?

If so, that could mean you need orthodontic treatment to get your bite back on track.

2. You’re Always Having Problems Between Your Teeth

Crooked and crowded teeth tend to pack in lots of plaque bacteria which lead to irritated gums, gingivitis, and cavities. Straightening out your smile could be the key to a healthy and comfortable mouth.

Do you constantly get food stuck in between your teeth? Sticky breads, crunchy nuts and seeds, fibrous meats and more quickly lodge themselves between overlapping teeth. If you have this annoying complaint, then braces could give you a lot of relief.

3. You Lost Your Baby Teeth Too Soon

If you lost any baby teeth prematurely because of decay or an accident, that probably affected the way the adult tooth grew in later on. Permanent teeth rely on the primary ones to grow into the right spot.

4. You Have Jaw Problems

Do you notice any clicking or popping noises when you move your jaw? That might be a sign that there are alignment issues in your TMJ. Crooked teeth create an uneven bite. When one side of your jaw closes sooner than the other, this can stress one side of the jaw.

5. Your Teeth Are Constantly Hitting Your Cheek, Tongue, Or Palate

In natural and healthy alignment, teeth should only be connecting with other teeth. If one tooth is off by just a little bit, you could end up biting your cheeks or tongue a lot. You might even feel your lower teeth pressing up against the roof of your mouth.

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