Are You Afraid Of Getting Braces?

Most of us are excited about getting our crooked teeth straightened. But there are few of us who are a bit apprehensive, and scared of getting braces. Mostly it’s because they have “heard” from friends that it hurts. Well, let us set the record straight for once in for all.

Although it is going to feel different with braces on your teeth, but we promise it will not hurt. We never use any shots or even drill your teeth to put on braces. It’s really simple, first we polish/clean your teeth, then we polish on some special glue and then each separate tooth gets its on bracket (braces). We attach each bracket individually to each tooth with some strong cement and halleluiah, your braces are done. It’s that simple! No shots, and no drilling, promise.

So, don’t be afraid, instead look forward to a beautiful smile in the near future and before you know it, you will be a pro @ this. In some cases we can skip braces all together and use clear trays called Invisalign and clear correct and you might be able to skip the braces all together.

Here is anotherplace that gives a different point of view for first time orthodontic patients, check it out at Also check this out too,

Please feel free to call us and you can even observe one of our patient getting their braces for the first time before you get yours, and you can ask them and us tons of questions. Until then, happy smiles.