Are You Too Old For Braces?

 It’s a common misconception that braces are a rite of passage for teenagers. In fact, it’s also a myth that you can’t straighten your teeth after reaching adulthood. Dr. Farooq Ahmad welcomes patients of all ages into his practice at Brackets Wires & Smiles.

What about you? Could your smile still benefit from orthodontic treatment at this point in your life?

Benefits Of Braces – For Everyone

Braces do far more than just make teeth look good. Straight teeth play a big role in keeping your smile healthy. They improve the way you bite and they stay cleaner which lowers your risk for dental disease.

Getting – and keeping – your teeth in alignment can ultimately save you thousands of dollars by helping you avoid the need for dental treatment.

Adult Orthodontic Options

The fun part about getting braces as an adult is that you usually have a lot more options to work with.

True, it’s ideal to straighten teeth while people are in their teens or even younger. But the kids are more limited as to what kind of treatment they can have.

Here’s what you can choose from:

Classic Braces – The same procedure that works on kids works just as well on adults.

Clear Braces – Tooth colored brackets and wires allow you to straighten your teeth without the look of metal braces.

Invisalign – Enjoy discreet tooth adjustment with a convenient, clear, comfortable, and removable alignment tray.

Aligners – Various kinds of aligners let you even out crooked front teeth in a shorter amount of time than braces would.

Braces For Adults In Vista, CA

Clearly, there’s no need to miss out any longer. The opportunities are out there and there’s no better time to plan for an improved smile than right now at the start of a new year.

To find out what your individual orthodontic needs are, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahmad. He will discuss everything with you including time, methods, and treatment cost. Call Brackets Wires & Smiles today to get started.