Are Braces Bad for Your Teeth?

Braces are a healthy choiceTo some people, getting braces might sound like an unnatural and even dangerous procedure. Local Vista orthodontic specialists have the facts on how braces affect teeth.

What Braces Do
Orthodontic brackets are attached directly to tooth enamel with a special cement. This cement will eventually be removed when the braces are ready to come off.

There’s really no drilling necessary for braces! This means that there’s no loss of tooth structure and no harm to your enamel. The cement polishes right off.

Next, an archwire runs through the brackets. The wire, in turn, is held into place with tiny rubber bands. You can even choose different colors! This archwire is what guides teeth into straight alignment. By putting slight pressure on the teeth, it encourages them into proper alignment.

Tooth Anatomy and Braces
Teeth are far more than just what you see in the mirror when you smile. What you see above the gums is the “clinical” crown. It’s covered with enamel and is used for chewing.

Below the gumline, the root extends down to make up about two-thirds of the entire tooth. Roots contains the channel for supplying nerves and blood vessels to the tooth. The interesting fact about roots is that they are stronger than bone and can move through it.

Bone naturally responds to pressure through a process of cell breakdown and reconstruction. This naturally occurs as teeth move through the mouth. Yes, even without braces, teeth move through bone all by themselves. They have to do this when they erupt to make room for other teeth. It’s a very natural process.

Braces simply take advantage of this process to encourage teeth to move after they’ve already settled into a position that’s less than ideal.

Careful Planning for Braces

Because tooth movement is a natural process, it doesn’t mean it can be done without extra precautions.

Some people worry that moving teeth too fast can damage them. But, a skilled dentist knows just how much pressure is necessary to move teeth and how fast it can be done. Everyone has different needs, but it’s a perfectly safe process as long as you take your time.

Braces have too many benefits to miss out on! Schedule an evaluation with an experienced dentist like Dr. Ahmad to find out more.