Are Braces Really Worth the Cost?

Are Braces Really Worth the CostWhether it’s recommended for yourself or your child, orthodontic treatment might seem like an unnecessary expense. Many people logically put their resources only towards dental procedures that absolutely have to be done. A root canal, for example, is a much more urgent procedure than braces.

Doesn’t it make sense, though, that it’s even better to avoid the need for such procedures in the first place?

You might be surprised to learn how orthodontic treatment plays a role in helping you to do just that and we are happy to show you how!

Prevent Tooth and Gum Disease

Crooked teeth tend to trap buildup like tartar and plaque bacteria. These deposits can irritate the gums and lead to inflammation. Teeth that overlap are also more likely to develop cavities between them where the cavity-causing bacteria are not easily removed.

Straight teeth are just plain easier to keep clean. Flossing is much easier and your toothbrush is more likely to access all sides of each tooth. When your teeth and gums are cleaner, your mouth stays healthier. It’s that simple!

By lowering your risk for disease, you can avoid the need for treatment down the road such as crowns, bridges, and extractions.

Encourage Healthy Tooth Development in Kids

When kids show signs that some teeth are not growing in straight, it’s easier and more cost-effective to treat them as soon as possible. This avoids the need for more complex treatment later on. Giving your son or daughter a straight smile will help lower their risk for developing oral disease, as well.

Financial Help

Many insurances have flexible benefits concerning orthodontic treatment. Our office is also happy to offer convenient financing plans. With some careful planning, we’ll help you to make the most of the resources you have available. This way, you can begin the orthodontic treatment you deserve right when you want it!

A straighter smile could be closer than you think. Braces can give you and your family a brighter future of dental health. They are definitely worth the effort! Give our Vista, CA office a call to schedule your consultation today.