Are Crooked Front Teeth Causing More Problems Than You Realize?

istock_000064795603_mediumSo what if you have a few crowded or twisted front teeth? You’re used to them by now. If they’re bottom teeth, even better – there probably aren’t too many people who would notice that. Some crooked front teeth might not seem to be a huge cause for concern, but there are some facts that prove otherwise.

Periodontal Problems

Your gums have a deep layer of connecting ligaments that help anchor tooth roots into the jawbone. If these ligaments get infected, they can break down and your teeth will get loose.

Infection starts with a simple thing: too much dental plaque.

Plaque contains bacteria that trigger gum inflammation. If you don’t brush and floss around each tooth every day, you’re only welcoming gum disease. Crooked and tightly-packed teeth trap a lot of plaque. Even if you brush and floss really well, you might still be at risk for developing periodontal disease.

Gum Recession

Teeth that are tipped out of alignment tend to put more of a strain on the gums. As the teeth are pushed out of line by your bite, they can stress the gums to the point that they start to recede. Gum recession is very common around crooked front teeth, especially on the bottom.

Have you noticed your bottom front teeth looking longer or more yellow than they were before?

That’s a good indication that the gums are receding and exposing the tooth roots. Crooked front teeth with gum recession are likely to be sensitive. They’ll also be more prone to cavities, which brings us to the next problem…

Increased Cavity Risk

Those hard-to-floss teeth will also harbor the germs that trigger cavity formation. If you overlook the tight stubborn spots and don’t floss well, they can quickly develop areas of decay. Once one tooth gets a cavity, the infection will quickly spread to other teeth packed in tight around it.

No matter your age, it’s a good idea to have crooked teeth looked at by an orthodontist. Call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ahmad at Brackets Wires & Smiles.