Why A Mouth Guard Is So Important

Why A Mouth Guard Is So ImportantWe know what your smile is worth. It’s easy to take it for granted when you’re busy enjoying life! With our help, you can take steps to protect your smile from dangers and have peace of mind to keep your teeth healthy for life.

Why might your smile be at an increased risk?

If you engage in virtually any physical sport, you could be prone to suffering injury to your teeth or jaw. Activities like baseball and even skiing could result in an incidental blow to your head, mouth, and teeth.

A custom-fit mouth guard is what we recommend to protect your smile and everything you have invested in it!

The Effects of Oral Trauma

The impact of a blow to your jaw or teeth could have several negative effects:

  • Teeth knocked out or fractured
  • Damage to valuable restorations and orthodontia
  • Stress to the TMJ
  • Concussion
  • Injury to soft tissue such as your lips and tongue
  • Fracture in the bone

Besides the fact that you could experience an uncomfortable injury, you could also experience a financial loss.

You may have invested a considerable amount of time and expense into dental treatment. Braces, crowns, veneers, and implants can all be damaged when your mouth suffers trauma.

Save yourself the pain and financial expense by protecting your mouth and dental work with a custom-fit mouth guard!

How a Mouth Guard Helps

A sports guard is designed to absorb the impact from a blow. Instead of letting one area of your mouth take all the force, the guard will disperse it. This can also protect your head from a concussion that could happen when your jaw slams shut.

Customized Are The Best!

The generic mouth guards sold in drugstores tend to be more bulky and uncomfortable than custom-designed guards. They usually fall out easily due to their loose fit. A custom guard is created based off an impression of your unique bite. This way, you can ensure that each tooth is getting its share of shock-absorbing protection.

Our goal is to protect as many Vista smiles as possible! If you live in the area, schedule a consultation with us to see how a custom-made mouth guard can save your smile.