Do Your Braces Hurt? Here’s What You Can Do!

 Braces are a good thing for your teeth, and you’re determined to stick with your treatment plan. But you may have second thoughts once your braces start hurting your teeth.

Dr. Farooq Ahmad recommends the following for you to get relief during some uncomfortable moments in your treatment:

Clean Your Braces Well

Braces quickly pick up plaque and debris which can lead to swollen and irritated gums. If your discomfort is coming from a serious case of gingivitis, then you might want to consider upping your oral hygiene routine. A lot of patients find it helpful to include the use of an oral irrigator, or water flosser, into their daily schedule. The water flow could help you clean more thoroughly and soothe irritated gums.

Swish With Salt Water

Sores caused by chafing brackets can be eased with a bath of warm salt water. The salt helps bring down inflammation and encourages fast healing.

Take A Pain Reliever

After you first get an adjustment, your teeth and gums will feel sore for a bit. Most patients get used to the sensation and recover within hours of an adjustment. If the discomfort is too much for you, go ahead and take an over the counter pain reliever (such as ibuprofen) that Dr. Ahmad approves.

Ice It

In lieu of the medication, you can simply ice sore tooth roots and gums. This is a great way to dull pain and ease tension.

Use Numbing Gel

OraJel or some other brand of topical numbing jelly might be just the trick to help you sleep at night despite a couple of sore areas.

Pick Up Some Dental Wax

If you have a wire stabbing your cheek or brackets chafing the inside of your lips, then you can cushion the area with dental wax. You can find some right in the orthodontic office or at your local drug store.

Lots of people in Vista have orthodontic treatment. Nearly everyone suffers discomfort at some point. But whatever you do, don’t give up. Treatment will be over before you know it! Need more help in getting relief from aching orthodontia? Contact Brackets Wires & Smiles as soon as possible to schedule a visit with Dr. Ahmad.