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ClearCorrect in Carlsbad, CA | Brackets, Wires & Smiles

ClearCorrect in Carlsbad, CA | Brackets, Wires & Smiles

Brackets, Wires & Smiles is your premier certified ClearCorrect provider in Carlsbad, CA, giving you the opportunity to show off your smile with confidence. ClearCorrect in Carlsbad, CA ClearCorrect in Carlsbad is a simple and clear aligner system used to straighten teeth as an alternative to traditional braces. ClearCorrect functions in a similar fashion as Invisalign except that ClearCorrect straightens teeth faster. ClearCorrect works by straightening the teeth using a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners to gradually move the teeth in the required direction. The end result is a correctly straightened teeth and a bright smile that elicit a new, revitalized look. ClearCorrect are nearly invisible so that you won’t even notice you’re in treatment. They’re custom made for your teeth, which means that they fit you perfectly to provide more comfort than regular braces. You can also eat and clean your teeth normally because they are removable.

What happens during ClearCorrect treatment?

When you come for ClearCorrect in Carlsbad, Dr. Farooq Ahmad will evaluate your teeth and discuss any problems or goals you have to establish that ClearCorrect is the right treatment for you. The Carlsbad ClearCorrect dentist will then ask for impressions, photos, and radiographs of your teeth to be taken in order to be used in the manufacture of custom-made aligners that model your teeth. He then writes a prescription for your custom-made aligners and sends it to a ClearCorrect laboratory for an exact 3-D model of your teeth to be created. You will be given a complete treatment plan showing the gradual realignment and repositioning of your teeth from current position to the required position. Once you have begun ClearCorrect treatment set-up, you will receive an email about your treatment and respond to the email with your adjustments requests or your approvals of the treatment. You’ll be required to come for periodic check-ups so that Dr. Ahmad can evaluate your progress and give you the next set of aligners.

ClearCorrect Dentist in Carlsbad – Dr. Farooq Ahmad

ClearCorrect is an effective orthodontic treatment that uses aligner therapy to straighten your teeth and enhance the quality of your smile. ClearCorrect aligners are worn all the time except during brushing, flossing or when eating and drinking. At Brackets, Wires & Smiles, our mission is to help create beautiful smiles. We are committed to helping you achieve your dream smile using affordable and quality ClearCorrect in Carlsbad, CA. Consult with us for the best ClearCorrect in Carlsbad treatment that best suits your dental needs. Contact us to make an appointment today.