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Dr. Ahmad at Brackets Wires and Smiles believes orthodontic treatment is an investment in your smile. We make orthodontic treatment affordable for everyone.

Orthodontic Insurance:

Orthodontic insurance can help to save you money and often cut your out-of-pocket expenses in half. Orthodontic insurance is highly variable. Your savings will depend on your plan, where you live, and the coverage options. Not all dental insurance covers orthodontic treatment.Many orthodontists offer a free consultation where you can discuss pricing and insurance. If you want to use dental insurance to cover some of the cost, make sure to sign up for it before getting the braces. Your braces may not be covered if you begin treatment before getting insurance. We at Dr. Ahmad's office will file your insurance claim to attain maximum benefits.

Brackets Wires and Smiles Special Offer


This 30 minute appointment is everything you need to find out if you need orthodontics, what type of treatment options are available, and how to get started. We offer SAME DAY appointments as well, call for more info 760-407-0104.

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Brackets Wires and Smiles Virtual Monitoring


Dr. Ahmad's remote monitoring technology makes it easy to track your progress and send scans of your teeth to us, all from home. The photos are reviewed to optimize your treatment and also evaluate your overall oral health.

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